What is Fancybat?

Fancybat is a podcast network for misfits. A place where you can host your podcast, experiment with a new idea, expand your listenership, and have ready access to guests and partnerships that most new podcasts lack.

Why "Fancybat"?

We're not professionals. But we have moved past our fledgling days and entered into the awkward adolescence of our projects. We're trying on a new suit and top hat.

The podcasts themselves are amateur, but filled with passion. Giving the minutia of life more attention than it deserves - that is the heart of Fancybat.

What if I have a better offer?

Go for it! We strive to be a network of networks. If you go elsewhere after spending time with us, that just opens up the door for more collaboration across networks. And we keep a list of friends and affiliate links available, so you can take your listeners with you.

What do I have to do?

Fancybat is a team effort. We deal with hosting, website design, publishing, and more. If you have a useful skill, use it to help us grow our brand. In particular, people who enjoy social media and can spread our brand are always welcome.

In addition, our platform-shared podcast "Empowered" is open to anyone to contribute. Record an episode or two to warm up for your own, or submit one to us if you want to join but don't already have a podcast idea. Use it to find your voice and grow our network at the same time.