The Fifth Annual Cartony Awards


After five straight years of putting their eggs in one basket, Ben and Zane took a little time to go back and rank those eggs. Some were extra round, some were different colors, one was actually a potato in disguise. Still, after a long deliberative process, they figured out the very best ones. And they pickled them for later, because The Cartoncast is where good taste goes to die.

This year’s awards:

Best Setting to Live In

Best Character Design

Best Genre Parody

Worst Example of Toxic Masculinity

Best Intro/Worst Show

Most Jarring Unpleasant Detail (Fly in the Ointment Award)

Best Conspiracy Theory

Best (Our) Intro

Who Would Win in a Fight

Most Cohesive Message

Coolest Ability

Best Musical Integration

Best Episode

These don’t always have shownotes but we referenced a very specific gameFAQs review.