119 - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack


Ben and Zane signed up for an adventure. "Pirates, swag, booty, what more could you ask for?" They buckled their swashes and went to the address posted on the quest board. It was a dock on the outskirts of town, and rather than a house, a boat, or a houseboat, there was a whale. It opened its mouth and out came two creatures. One, a fresh-faced little boy, and the other some disfigured wretch wearing galoshes. "Here," he said, his voice gnarly enough to warp a mizzenmast, "he's all yours." The Cartoncasters looked after the child for a day of tiresome lollygagging, but there was no whale to return him to in the evening. Tossing him into the murky waters, they agreed that things would probably work themselves out.