125 - Bootlegg'd - Sita Sings the Blues


Welcome again to our Bootlegg'd segment, where we tune in this time to watch "Sita Sings the Blues", an animated adaptation of The Ramayana, a famous and hugely influential Indian epic. This incarnation of the story focuses on a woman's struggle to be worthy of her husband's love, but the movie is about a whole lot more, including thinly veiled domestic abuse parallels, the author's own personal struggles, and anachronistic media presentations from across the ages that somehow form a more perfect whole. And our discussion is about even more than that, so get ready for a record-breaking number of disclaimers at the top of the episode, the eternal struggle of separating content from creator, and an unreasonable number of Jojo's references. That's all!

PS: Actually that's not all. Speaking of disclaimers, we personally find the author's personal politics to be quite vile, so content warning if you go looking at the links in the show notes. Thanks for your understanding.