The Fourth Annual Cartony Awards


The highly coveted Cartony Cup (a large glass that you crack eggs into before whisking) is up for grabs again this year, with hosts Ben and Zane presiding. It's a real menagerie of animated contenders this year, and we intend not to stop until everyone, including the ourselves, the cartoons, and even the audience, is disoriented and ashamed. It takes about five minutes this year.

This year's awards:

  • Worst Intro / Best Show Ratio

  • Show Most Saved by its Protagonist

  • Best Music Track

  • Catchiest Theme Song that Isn't Very Good

  • Best Conspiracy Theory

  • Best Action Scenes

  • Best Intro

  • Best Parody

  • Most Confusing Social Commentary

  • Which Protagonist Would Win in a Fight

  • Coolest Ability

  • Biggest Load of Nonsense

  • Best Episode