The Second Annual Cartony Awards


Welcome to the Second Annual Cartony Awards! We might not have shown up to the right place for the second year in a row, but no one's pulling our strings when we talk about our favorite cartoons of the past year! We might not have as robust a roster as last year, but the contestants this time around are some serious contenders. And just so no-one confuses us with a puppetry-themed show, we have a new slogan: "The Cartoncast - Better than a Hand up your Ass."

This year's awards:

  • Best Episode Intro

  • Biggest Letdown

  • Least Likable Protagonist

  • Best Female Character

  • Biggest Good Intro / Bad Show Ratio

  • Weirdest Show

  • Most Capable of a Sequel/Spinoff

  • Which Protagonist Would Win in a Fight-Best Conspiracy Theory

  • Best Breakout Character

  • Best Episode